Whether it’s summer or winter, there is always something to do in ALAGNA VALSESIA!


Nature, history and tradition

Alagna Valsesia is a picturesque town at the foot of the Monte Rosa massif, at about 1200 meters. of altitude.

As the name suggests, it is located in the territory of Alta Valsesia, a freeride ski paradise and an ideal destination for mountaineering enthusiasts, and not only. Alagna is nature, history and tradition.

Surrounded by the Otro, Olen, Sesia and Mud valleys, Alagna Valsesia is immersed in the most unspoiled nature, where the green of the woods mixes with the warm colors of the mountain, the white of the Sesia river and the blue sky above the tops of the Rosa.

The local population has Germanic origins, in fact the name Alagna derives from the German Land (land, country). The Walser colonies that populate this land date back to 1200 and constitute the backbone of Alagna, defining its architecture, style, culture and tradition. The typical wooden houses that characterize the 20 high hamlets of the area can be visited with short walks from the town center, a unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the history of Alagna Valsesia.


Between sport and relaxation

The imposing walls of Monte Rosa overlook Alagna and make it a renowned tourist center for sports enthusiasts, both summer and winter. And for those who want to relax there is the SPA or a good glass of wine.


The Monterosa Ski ski area extends between Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta, touching the territories of Alagna Valsesia, Gressoney and Champoluc.

Alagna is known as “Freeride Paradise”, thanks to its fabulous landscapes, always abundantly covered in snow, a dream for skiers and snowboarders who love off-piste skiing.

The ski lifts start from the town center and reach Pianalunga (2046 masl) and then continue with the Bocchetta chair lift (2403 masl) and even higher, towards Cimalegna (2650 masl) and the Passo dei Salati (2980 masl) from which you enter Punta Indren (3275 m asl), the starting point for excursions on the glacier and towards Capanna Margherita, as well as access to the wonderful freeride area.

Ski mountaineering, cross-country skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing … All that the mountains can offer in winter, you can find it in Alagna!


A myriad of activities are also available in the other seasons of the year!

The Alta Valsesia Natural Park is a place waiting to be discovered and the numerous mountain refuges attract climbers from all over the world.

The suggestive hiking trails and itineraries that start from Alagna and the surrounding areas extend along all the valleys of the Rosa. Magnificent adventures await the most experienced hikers and beautiful panoramas will leave even novice walkers breathless.

For those who love cycling, the ski lifts are also operational in the summer and are equipped for the transport of bicycles. The paths in the middle of nature, dedicated to mountain bikers, are numerous: from the easiest tracks, suitable for the whole family, to the more demanding ones for the most adrenaline cyclists.

And who wants to climb? In Valsesia there is no shortage of cliffs, beautiful natural gyms, of different lengths and degrees of difficulty.

The Sesia river, which crosses this beautiful territory, makes Alagna and Valsesia a perfect destination for those who love sport fishing or the strong emotions of white water sports. From May to September the waters of Sesia attract enthusiasts and tourists who want to experience strong emotions: rafting, hydrospeed, kayaking, canoeing and canyoning … the choice is not lacking!

But Alagna is not only sport, it is also relaxation. Several structures offer the opportunity to relax and regenerate in the SPA, or to sip an excellent glass of local wine, with your gaze turned to the infinite sky above the summit of Rosa.